Training Mirror

Training Mirror

SKU: 0096
  • Allows Student & Teacher to Monitor Position & Motion
  • Portable & Lightweight folds flat for easy transport & storage
  • UV Stabilized High-Impact PVC Plastic Frame
  • Acrylic Mirror which is Virtually Shatterproof
  • Mirror adjusts from vertical to 70' with a push of a button
  • Standard Mirror size 2ft x 4ft.
  • Proudly all parts bought and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Includes Free Shipping and Handling

Practice Suggestions:

  • powerful golf swing

  • proper setup

  • check shaft angle

  • adjust swing plane

  • immediate positive feedback

  • Care

    Caring for your Mirror should be super easy!

    We recommend Softscrub to clean the white plastic frame

    To clean the acrylic mirror we suggest a clean soft towel 

    or Pledge Furniture Polish works well.







  • 2 week back order

    We do apologize for this inconvenience.  Our raw materials have been delayed because of weather and other circumstances all our products are made and manufactured in the USA.  Again we do apoligize for this delay.