Half Circle Swing Plane Trainer

Half Circle Swing Plane Trainer

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The set-up, arc, and plane of the golf swing are important for beginners to establish the core fundamentals that build consistency in their games. This swing trainer helps the beginner golfer and advanced golfer alike build strong muscle patterns to retain proper positions for a more repetitive swing. 



Our Swing Plane Trainer will adjust in seconds to fit any club in the bag.  
Keep the clubhead flush to the ground. In your set-up, position the dual arcs so that the shaft contacts both arcs.  Next, set your body square to the trainer, then begin to swing the club back and through making sure the club's shaft remains in constant contact with both arcs.  This procedure will cause the club to travel on the correct swing plane while maintaining the proper shaft angle.


PRACTICE with the Swing Plane Trainer at home just a few times a week, and you are sure to see GREAT IMPROVEMENT in your golf game!


The frame is constructed of a High-Impact UV Stabilized plastic, making it Strong and completely weather resistant.


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