Full Circle Swing Plane Trainer

Full Circle Swing Plane Trainer

This is a must product for the beginner to the advanced player!


The Pre-Swing Set Up, Arc, and Plane of the golf swing are the most important and basic things which must be learned and correctly repeated.


The Full Circle Swing Plane trainer will Adjust in seconds for every club in your bag. Keep the clubhead flush to the ground. Position the Dual arcs so that the shaft is in contact with both arc pipes, in your set -up position.  Set your body up square to the trainer, then begin to swing the club back and through making sure the shaft of the club remains in constant contact with both pipe arcs.  This procedure will cause the club to travel on the correct swing plane while maintaining the proper shaft angle.


The Swing-Plane Trainer can fold flat for easy storage and is easy to transport.

The frame is constructed of high impact plastic not your plumbers plastic and is completely weather resistant.




  • 2 Week Delay

    We do apologize for this delay.  Our raw materials have been delayed for weather and other reasons.  All our products are made in the USA.  Again we do apologize for this inconvenience.